Cross Keys Inn, Temperance

The Future - fulfilling our potential

ManOur main objectives are:

  1. To create more permanent jobs.
  2. To train older workers
  3. To train young people
  4. To enable the community to support itself
  5. To enable Thandi to support other projects
  6. To support the De Rust Futura farm school
  7. To support the Grabouw Day Hospital

Our Aims are:

We aim to create jobs and provide skills thus giving the large number of unemployed people the means of a better future in the new South Africa .

We aim to use Thandi as a role model for similar projects throughout Africa bringing together peoples of different colour, creed and social order with the one goal to succeed for the benefit of all. Our project staff will be able to move on secondment to other projects and help in the upskilling and development of other projects in other towns.

Many affirmative action projects which have failed for various reasons mainly through lack of investment, lack of knowledge and business acumen, lack of marketing skills etc, however, Thandi will not fail because of the total commitment of the management and workers, group of volunteers and fund raisers we are building around the project.