Cross Keys Inn, Temperance

How You Can Help

There are a number of things you can do:-

  1. Have a good look around the website - don't forget the gallery and the links section!
  2. Get enthusiastic about what we are trying to do in South Africa !
  3. Donate by sending us a cheque (made payable to 'Thandi Friends Project') to

    c/o Mr Michael Metcalfe-Gibson
    Town Head House,
    Ravenstonedale, Cumbria,
    CA17 4NQ
  4. Tell people about this website by sending this link [] to friends, neighbours and colleagues and telling them to take a look and donate!
  5. Donate any books suitable for schools that you may have by taking or sending them to the Cross Keys Inn
  6. Think about joining Alan and Chris in South Africa for a couple of weeks on a 'working holiday' with the Thandi community in school, hospital or just to share your management and IT skills with others!


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