Cross Keys Inn, Temperance

History / The Past

The high rate of unemployment in the Grabouw area of the Western Cape, due, in part, to rationalisation of timber operations by SAFCOL, the State Forestry Department, led Dr Paul Cluver of the neighbouring Paul Cluver Estate to initiate discussions between the Cluver Estate, SAFCOL and the local community


This led to the establishment of the Thandi Project in 1996, with the lease of 100 hectares of uncultivated land, 10 hectares of orchard and 3 hectares of Pinot Noir vines from the Cluver Estate; and the lease of 100 hectares of newly felled forest land from SAFCOL. From the community came 147 shareholders each contributing 16,000.00 Rand (£1,200.00) per family to the project via the South African Government.