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The aims and objectives of Thandi friends Project are To relieve poverty, hardship and distress and advance education particularly, but not exclusively, among the Thandi community by the provision of material assistance, vocational & skills training to create more jobs and skills, thus giving the large number of unemployed people in the area the means of a better future in the new South Africa”. 


 Our work with the Thandi Community also involves........

The farm school which takes children from 6 years through to matriculation. Pupils are not only from within the Thandi community but also all the local farms. The school has benefited by our provision of a shipping container which is used as a medical room and we have helped finance the building of a new dining room/kitchen. 

The Day Hospital in Grabouw which covers all the area, a population of some 60,000, and has one full time Doctor from 8.00am-5pm and one Part time Doctor from 8.00am to 12.30.  The queue of patients wishing to see a Doctor starts at about 4.00am and if b y 5pm they havn`t been seen they receive a ticket which gives them priority the following day. We are also lucky to have the services of a Doctor who works for a Canadian charity who looks after our HIV/AIDS and TB patients. We have recently provided the hospital with medical equipment including items like defibrillators, ECG machines to blood monitors and stethoscopes. There is always a list of needs at the Day Hospital from pestle and morters to bar seats for the pharmacists to work from rather than standing all day. Also we currently have 30 patients requiring cataract operations which unfortunately has to be very low on the list of priorities for the Day Hospital


The Creche . Our big push in 2009/10 was to build a crèche/early learning centre in the Thandi community. We take children from the age of 3 months to 6 years old when they start `big school`.  The children arrive at the crèche at 6.30am and leave at 6.oopm.  They receive 2 protein packed meals brakfast and lunch plus mid morning and mid afternoon snacks.  On Saturdays the crèche office doubles as a library and reading room. Older children in the community come for lessons in English and to take a book home which they will read during the week and return the following Saturday.


Now in 2011 we are currently fund raising for:-

·         The crèche.   We need to provide a perimeter security fence and to cover the running costs until local sponsorship and Government funding are available. We also require a lot more books which are very expensive in South Africa so we buy them 2nd hand and transport them over. We would also like to landscape an area and grass it over to use as a soft play area and also to provide an opportunity for the children to plant flowers and vegetables     We estimate costs for these as follows

Sand pit                                             £150.00   

(Now funded by 1st  Salhouse  scout  group  THANK YOU SO MUCH)


Climbing frame                                 £1000.00

(funded by Kirkby Kendal school  THANK YOU SO MUCH)

Running costs for 12 months            £3,000.00

Books                                                      £500.00

Security fence                                       £1800.00

Visual teaching aids                               £600.00

Coloured wooden  building blocks      £ 50.00

Outdoor play equipment

Ride on tractors, bicycles etc                £1500.00

Cooking pans (large)                               £150.00

Communication equipment

(computers with internet access)          £1000.00

Grassed area                                            £850.00

Storage building for garden 

equipment and outdoor toys                 £2000.00 


                                             Total    £11,450.00    

·         The community.    The housing stock within the village is in a very poor state of repair and as money becomes available a house is refurbished.

Cost per house £1000.00 we have 52 houses so we need    £52,000.00

·         The school.     A number of children are orphans with no permanent home. We also have children whose home life is very difficult who would benefit from spending some time in a safe, hassle free, environment.  The school has land available where we could build a boarding hostel.

Phase 1 is the building of a hostel to provide a 2 bed roomed apartment for house parents, a common room with library, a small TV room and 8 self contained bed sitting rooms with en-suite facilities

Phase 2 & 3 would increase the number of bed sits along with other amenities i.e. keep fit room, games room etc.

We have already lost pupils who had the intelligence to get on but who had nowhere to live and no support. Many of these youngsters end up lost to crime and drugs.

School Boarding Hostel

We estimate Phase 1 will cost               £90,000.00

                     Phase 2                               £41,000.00

                     Phase 3                               £41,000.00

 12 months running costs   £14,000.00            Total  £186,000.00

We would also like to provide bursaries for those students with the best matric passes to enable them to go on to further education and maybe even to study in the UK.

·         Day Hospital.    Our main requirement for funding is to pay for transporting medical equipment from the UK to SA. We have been offered all types of medical equipment from hospital beds to a full treatment room to an ambulance but we have to concentrate on the smaller equipment, transported on our behalf by other charities like Rotary and Lions clubs.

To transport the ambulance packed with lots of medical equipment from the UK to SA would cost                               £2500.00

New request for bar stools for pharmacy staff    £100.00

thanks to Cath & Heather for their hard work to cover this cost


To carry out all the project work listed we would require a local full time Project Worker. The cost of a suitably qualified local person would be £12,000.00 per annum.  On a two year fixed contract we would need








·         CRECHE                                                                      £11,450.00

·         COMMUNITY HOUSING                                          £52,000.00

·         SCHOOL HOSTEL                                                    £186,000.00

·         DAY HOSPITAL                                                          £   2,500.00

·         PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR                                      £ 24,000.00





It would be good to start Phase I of the school boarding hostel.

The house refurbishing could be split into two phases.

Day Hospital funding is for transporting donated equipment and should be included.

Project Co-ordinator would employ 1 person for two years to ensure all work was carried out to the required specification.


                                                      MINIMUM PROJECT COSTS


Ø  CRECHE                                                                            £11,450.00

Ø  COMMUNITY HOUSING                                                £26,000.00


Ø  DAY HOSPITAL                                                                £ 2,500.00

Ø  PROJECT CO-ORDINATOR                                            £24,000.00