Cross Keys Inn, Temperance


The Thandi Friends Project has been developed as the brainchild of Alan and Chris Clowes, who have been working with Thandi teaching day to day and strategic management skills to existing staff. Their involvement with Thandi started in 2003, when a friend of theirs asked for help with the Thandi Kitchen and farm stall. Since then their 'holidays' have involved them getting more and more involved in Thandi. For the three years 2005-2008 their involvement was to work as volunteer trainers and mentors on the empowerment project, for the betterment of a disadvantaged community.

Alan by profession is an electrical engineer and had worked on various projects in Africa . Two of his three children were born in Africa and his eldest son is presently working in Angola . Chris worked in middle management in both the public and private sector and her last job with the health service involved working extensively with the mentally and physically handicapped and the voluntary services.

They have worked together for the past 25 years in many business ventures including electrical and plant hire, farming, restaurants and teashops and invariably running a combination of at least two ventures at the same time. For the past 8 years they have successfully run The Cross Keys Inn, at Cautley Spout nr Sedbergh , Cumbria . The Cross Keys is probably the last Temperance Inn in England , and have a reputation for fine food. Alan is a vociferous Quaker and has tried to introduce Quaker ethics into all aspects of their business lives.

Alan says 'The future of Africa does not lie in pumping more and more money into buying food aid, BUT in training people to grow their own food and develop their own businesses, whether they be craft, mechanical, catering or computer-based enterprises.'

Who else?

The Trustees of the Thandi Friends Project are a group of individuals - who also happen to be Alan and Chris' friends! - that have been drawn together for their skills and their passion to bring change through action in the Thandi Project.